Conflict-Free Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Did you know that Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry, is actually one of the good guys when it comes to diamonds? They have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. This I did not know.

I learned this all because a friend, the lucky duck, is going to design herself a “divorce diamond ring”. (No, I don’t think she’s lucky for the divorce; just the disposable income to treat herself.)

I was surprised, actually, to learn this about Blue Nile because for some reason cynical-shopper-me thinks of the big name diamond companies as being big due to large & unethical profits. In this case, I am glad to be wrong.

So, like I told Tammy, “Shop on with your cruelty-free diamond-buying self.”

I guess her post-divorce celebration diamond ring will be conflict-free all the way around. *wink*

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