Corsets For Christmas

It is not too early to start thinking “corset” for Christmas — in fact, the sooner you order your corset, the better.

Most corsets (real corsets) take weeks to custom fit and the closer we get to holiday season, the crazier corsetiers get. Selection becomes limited and timeliness of the corset’s arrival becomes questionable.

Depending upon your corset selection (and lifestyle), an earlier arrival may mean she’ll be able to show off that corset at holiday parties.

If you’re thinking of getting your beautiful babe a beautiful corset as a gift, there’s no harm in flat out telling her and making an event of measurement taking together. There is, however, quite a bit of harm in guessing her measurements and ending up with a fabulous corset she cannot wear.

Should you decide to take my advice and tell her of your delightfully wicked and generous plan to purchase a corset for her, the anticipation of awaiting the arrival of her custom corset will more than make up for the loss of “surprise factor”. (Plus, you’ll both have had that delicious fun of measuring her!)

All corsets shown here from Adore Corsets — they have such a wonderful selection I stayed there, wistfully shopping myself…

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