Lesli Kay Shows Her Obama ’08s

Some of the sexiest men and women of Daytime showed their support for Barack Obama in a photo shoot wearing the “Obama ’08 Briefs” designed by leading underwear and fashion designer Andrew Christian.

Pictured, left to right, are: Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful), Kristen Renton (Days of Our Lives) Andrew Christian (Fashion Designer), Christel Khalil (The Young & the Restless), Blake Berris (Days of Our Lives) and, my favorite, Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful).

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the briefs is contributed to Obama’s campaign which I totally support — so go get a pair!

(Hey, they’re even on sale — regularly $29, now just $19.95!)

Of the Daytime for Obama photo shoot, Kay said:

It has nothing to do with my body, and has everything to do with my political beliefs. I got an email saying it was, “Daytime for Obama” and I am there. My brother works on the Obama campaign in West Virginia, which is kind of an oxymoron. I am from West Virginia. Forever, I have been trying to organize something like that, thinking about those states… Pennsylvania, Ohio…. that we could have some sort of soap event for Obama. There are a lot of soap fans in those states. If they thought for a second it was OK for us to vote for Obama, this could help somebody who is on the fence who wasn’t planning to vote, but now they would. We are on vacation from “B&B” right now…. a three week hiatus. I changed all of my vacation plans around this shoot. This is very important to me that Obama is our next president.

Lesli Kay is so beautiful. I fell in love with her on As The World Turns, where she played Molly. Her sparking eyes and saucy look radiate sex appeal. That’s what makes it so surprising to realize that she battled with bulimia. She is said to be working on a book on the subject titled Suicide from the Inside Out; I’m not one for so many Lifetime movies & their book versions, but I’m interested in how such a confident beauty rose like the phoenix from the ashes of bulimia.

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