In Praise Of Trailer Trashy Lingerie

Trailer Trash Angel made me giggle with her Twitter statement, “One of the best things about being trailer trash is that people expect you to wear red garters with a white dress & black shoes.”

I Twittered back (yes, I gave in to a Twitter account) & then we started messaging about the power of lingerie. Here are a few pearls of her “trailer park wisdom”:

Red garters beneath a white dress, pantyhose without panties, stockings with a short dress so that they know I am wearing stockings, all this says that I know what I’m up to — that I know what they’re up to — and that’s all OK. To a point. Because I’m still the one who decides.

It doesn’t matter how cheap & trashy folks may think I am — I’m still what they crave. Usually it’s because I’m cheap and trashy yet still keep them at bay that creates the craving.

Teasing with my body in pretty lingerie mesmerizes men into a hypnotic state.

Listen, men don’t want it easy; they want it as hard as we do. *wink*

Using lingerie in a slow tease retains their interest & my power. I never, ever sleep in the nude when there’s a man about — I want him to want. He can remember me, but the access must be limited so that he is no longer content with just the memory.

I’m like candy — icky & sticky the taste of me lingers, never goes away… They’re addicted but I’m the dealer of this candy-ass-crack and they pay for it.

The photo is from her Slow Lingerie Tease, which contains the following message:

You just have no idea how hot it gets under a girl’s dress sometimes…

It feels lovely to have the wind pull & stroke my hair, but to have all that cool air circulating under there… Cool fingers brushing against my hot panties, my bare skin. Heaven!

Hot indeed.

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