1968: The Future Of Slips

In 1968 the future of slips looked a bit bleak. Sears promoted their line of “Doesn’t Slip” slips in Non-Cling satin tricot by having models wear them over space-agey silver bodysuits, with hopes of making them both look & behave more modernly than matronly.

The new fabric and rhetoric was supposed to, like the Olds campaign, convey that these weren’t yer momma’s slips.

I’ve worn a few of these slips and they do slip — but heavens, who doesn’t want a slinky slippery slip? OK, maybe someone does… If you wish to deny lingerie lovers a peep & don’t want the hem to show, purchase the proper length; if you don’t want the slip to wiggle & ride its way up to your hips, purchase a quality slip in the proper size with a good fit.

What really bothers me about this futuristic ad is that after all of these years I’ve not found the style shown here. I love the blue with contrasting taupe lace but all I can find are the usual solid colors. I guess this beauty just isn’t in my future. Maybe when we drive hover cars?

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