Over-The-Shoulder Credit Card Holder

For those of us who have a history of putting their valuables (cash, ATM cards, ID) in their bras for safekeeping (and easy access), a woman has invented the ‘Cleavage Caddy’ purse for your bra.

Laura McLaren came up with an insert with pockets, that goes into your bra making it easier to hold items without the worry of a purse.

Personally, I hate the names; too darn practical sounding for this girl who likes lingerie to remain dreamy. But it is clever… Even if I can’t for the life of me imagine adding any more weight up front. Sure, I’ve stashed a few things in my bra — like cash & my ID at outdoor festivals — but I can’t imagine adding the padding and a reason to put more in there… My back & shoulders say I’m at my upfront load limit. And, I wonder, how will the bra manufacturer’s original straps fare?

And when did diggin’ around in one’s bra become acceptable? It’s certainly not lady like — which was admittedly part of the thrill of reaching into my bra for a $5 bill to buy a wine cooler at a lake front festival. I can’t decide what’s worse: said device as another death bell toll for etiquette, or the removal of the thrill of being naughty.

I’m so on the fence about all of this. *sigh*

But this does make for a much more secure way to carry around items in public, requiring would-be robbers to slice bra straps rather than purse straps for their slash-and-grab — turning acts of petty theft into assault. Could that minimize such crime? If so, that’s the ultimate minimizing bra!

There are several versions of this device. The Cleavage Caddy has lace to cover your cleavage, “adding an extra element of modesty,” — I can hear you groaning, boys *wink* But another version, the Braz-On-Go doesn’t have the lace barrier. There’s also a version for younger girls called the Lil’Budz.

Interested maidens & matrons can shop at Mazantri Creations for all available styles.

But remember, ladies, you can’t go stuffing the entire contents of your purse in there — even if you’re a big cup gal. Imagine the unattractive lumps from just your keyring!

Thanks to CR/LF for the tip!

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