"The Foundation Of Loveliness"

Hickory comments aside, I love the art in this 1939 ad (scan sent to me by Pop Tart — thanks!).

Fashion Previews
Edited by Ruth Stone Stylist for
The Foundation of Loveliness

Shades of Queen Victoria and King Edward!–you’ll be aware of their influence all Autumn. No more small waist and full skirt for you. It’s a TINY waist and no hiding of the hips. Intricate draperies, new peplums, and even suggestions of a bustle will draw eyes to your smoothly accentuated curves. Those bumpy, ripply swells of an ungirdled shape will never do in the new dresses!

Good ol’ Ruthie wasn’t only the stylist & the editor, but she’d help you find your desired lingerie item too:

If your corsetiere hasn’t the model you desire–she’ll glady secure it for you upon request. If not, please write me, giving me your size and dealer’s name. Ruth Stone, 1165 W. Congress Street, Chicago, Illinois. A. STEIN & COMPANY, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Toronto. Associate Manufacturer–Dowd Corset Co., Pty., Ltd., Melbourne, Australia.

I could find next to nothing on Ruth Stone; just this bit at Mum:

“Stone” is “Stein” in German. I suspect that ripping open the envelopes with dealers’ information was not Mrs. Stein but someone puffing on a big cigar. Just a guess.

Tsk, tsk… So cynical *wink*

I found little on the companies: A. Stein & Co. (and this site regarding their old building says that by the 1920s A. Stein & Co. was “reported to be the largest manufacturer of garters in the world”) and Dowd Corset Co..

I’m hoping another one or two of you lingerie nuts historians can add more…

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