What’s In Your Bra?

Here’s something I never, ever, thought about: what materials are used for the padding in bras?

Being a bigger busted gal, perhaps I’ve never thought about it much because few, if any, of my bras have ever been padded… But honestly, I do believe I just assumed that there were regulations about padding — but we all know what happens when we assume. *wink*

Seems there aren’t the sort of regulations that I thought there would be when it comes to such intimate apparel.

But three Canadian provinces have passed legislation requiring labeling rules for padded bras and other undergarments:

The regulation, similar to requirements for mattresses and stuffed toys and set to take effect next year, requires all upholstered articles such as bras and shoulder pads to bear a label stating the items are filled with “new material only.”

The regulation aims to “protect the public from the use of unclean or used fillings,” the government said.

Of course “people” are upset; but this person is upset that this isn’t already a requirement. Who wants dirty, used materials in their lingerie? Even girls who stuff their bras know where the stuff comes from; why shouldn’t the consumer?

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