I Read, I Rant; It’s As Simple As That

Pussy Glamore gets a write-up in Real Business — and now I must rant.

Real Business, while I applaud you for actually putting links into your articles (so many news sites do not, which is just plain dumb) you botched the link to the site.

Marissa Montgomery, as the founder of Pussy Glamore, you have bigger issues than the screwed-up link.

Who told you to make a ‘cutsie website in flash’? Whoever it was, they ought to be shot. The person/persons behind the push of flash are idiots because:

  1. Flash denies you linkage from bloggers such as myself who cannot link to anything specific
  2. Flash also “protects” you from the publishing of your photos (ditto the above, ‘cept for those of us who may invest the time in taking screen shots).
  3. Flash navigation sucks. You may think it’s all cute and stuff, but it’s a horror to find things (and that would also apply to search engines which appreciate text).

For those of us, like myself, who use Linux based pcs, Flash isn’t always viewable & may even blow-up the browser. (Pussy Glamore is viewable, but has all the problems listed above.) We may be a small percentage of Internet users, but like those with pcs without the latest flash player who have the same issues, we are a percentage of potential shoppers — why do you discriminate against us?

News-flash: Flash is not cool. So stop the flashing already.

Image from Pop Sensation‘s lingerie themed section of vintage paperback book covers.

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