Writing A ‘Dear Jane’ Letter

The Jane I am speaking of is the lovely Jane of Panty Mistress — the problem is that a “Dear Jane Letter” sounds like I’m breaking up with her when, as you’ll see, quite the opposite is true. I We need Jane to blog.

She started to blog here, then directed us here; but now she is silent. *sniffle*

I know she’s busy, but I also know she has lots of good stuff to say, proof of which is in the Panty Drawer newsletter archives (Haven’t you subscribed? Tsk tsk, you may do so here) and in her Dear Jane column.

(Another reason I didn’t write an official Dear Jane letter; my problem isn’t one Jane can advise me on — I’m advising her *wink*)

They say it’s hard to pin a good woman down — in this case, I’m pretty sure it’s the nylon which makes Jane too slippery to hold onto (at least for very long!). She says she’s shy — and that may very well be, but Jane, we need you to blog!

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