Maybe They Really Do Have Your Back When It Comes To Over-The-Shoulder-Boulder-Holders

For those of us who don’t follow Oprah’s every word as gospel & are skeptical of company testimonials, read Chloe Jo’s experience with the legendary bra fittings at Intimacy:

Not sure what your bra shopping experiences have been like. Maybe you had a slew of supportive female Aunties who brought you bra shopping at age 13 to the perfect little bra shop where they measured your growth inch by inch, hand crafted you the most supportive and comfy brassiere, and then showered you with red velvet cupcakes til you exploded into a fluffy glitter princess of menstruative femaleness. Or maybe you were like us, and you tiptoed into Victoria’s Secret when your boobs were a bit too big to go commando, and bought whatever fit in a 34B (cuz that’s what everyone else wore, right?) and ran out covering your eyes. The GirlieGirl Army crew runs the gamut from full on itty bitty titty committee members to gals with more silicone behind their pecs than we thought imaginable, and of course we love our boob-less masses of men folk too. For those who care, or struggle with the search for a truly sensible over the shoulder boulder holder; our Chloe weighs in on her recent breasttastic experience

Find out just how delighted she was!

Bra shown here is Aubade’s Piraterie de l’Amour, available at Intimacy.

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