Slips Making A Come-Back

For some of us they never left, but at least people are taking notice of us — including designers:

As decades passed and the culture of femininity changed in American society, slips fell off the radar — much to the regret of millions of women, and men. However, tastes are changing and as the new generation discovers the practicality and allure of the slip, top designers like Janet Reger, La Perla and Natori are featuring them in their new lines.

The story credits readers at the Wall Street Journal for making some noise — but I’m certain they’ve been reading here too. *wink*

Because of this, stores like Her Room are now carrying slips. Since designers who can’t get them into stores will stop making them, we need to support these stores & the slip category — but we cannot rest there.

As Her Room admits, “The modern slip is a dressed down version of vintage slips,” so we also have to make it clear to designers & manufacturers that we want — nay, demand! — that slips are returned to their former detailed, luxurious, dressed-up glory. So send your emails and letters now, slip lovers!

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