Do Panties Go Over Or Under The Garter Belts?

As promised, I finally answer the question, “Do panties go over or under the garter belts?”

Contrary to what you may believe — or have heard — panties go under the garter belts.

I know what you’re going to say, “But Slip, isn’t that impractical? What about using the ladies’ room?”

Lace Overlay Bullet Bra and Garter Belt Set by Secrets In LaceWhile it’s true, depending upon the style of garter belt and panties, that ‘panties under’ may require a bit more work, this is the proper way to wear foundation garments.

It’s panties first, then, if you are wearing stockings and require the use of garters, the garment with the garters. Well, actually, it’s panties first, stockings second, and then the garment with the garters.

If you really stopped to think about it, this makes sense — for several reasons.

Garters inside your panties isn’t very comfortable, nor is it a good idea to let the garters be caught on or ‘held’ by the elastic of leg openings. This can not only ruin a lady’s panties with pulls, but put pressure on the garters, stretching them unnecessarily and even causing, if there’s enough tension on the garter, it to let loose of the stocking welt. No lady wants to deal with a stocking not properly holding up her stockings; nor does she wish to have her panties laying improperly either due to garters moving her panties as she walks, sits, etc., or due to damaged elastic.

If this isn’t perfectly clear to you by now, think about the girdle. The girdle has been around — and holding stockings up — far longer than garter or suspender belts. Panties always go under the girdle, no matter what the style of girdle.

Thinking back through fashion history, have you ever seen panties put on over any of the other layers of lingerie?

No, you haven’t. Unless it’s been in porn or erotica.

The reason many folks can get confused about the order is because of male magazines which show men having intercourse with women wearing high-heels, stockings and garter belts, so one assumes that the panties have been removed easily from their position over the garter belt. While in most cases this would be an easier way to remove panties (be it for sex or to use the restroom), this is not the proper way to wear them.

So it’s panties first, stockings second, the undergarment with garters third, then the slip. (Naturally, you’ll have to put the bra on prior to putting on the slip if it’s a full slip; but we’re specifically dealing with below the waist here.)

The slip smooths & hides the lines & ‘bumps’ of the garters, however, as it is a loose-fitting undergarment which does not cling to the seat and legs, it does not impact or negatively affect the performance of the garters. This — along with protecting the clothing from being pulled or affected by the garters — is one of the many functions that slips perform, goddess love ’em.

As for the matter of just how practical or impractical using the ladies’ room is with all of these layers of lingerie — and the order in which they sit upon a woman — well… now you know a (bit more) about why it takes us so long in there. *wink*

More modern styles of panties and garter belts do make it a bit easier.

A pair of bikini style panties, for example, can quite easily be removed down the bottom to the tops of the thighs (where the stockings begin) without removing the garter belt. With a little bit of practice, anyway. And that’s as far as you need them to go.

Should you be wearing full-cut panties, &/or a garter belt with more substance than a strip of elasticized lace, a lady will unhook the hook and eye connectors (usually at the center of the back of the garment) and gently set it upon her lap until she is finished. (Now you know another reason why we have no desire to stand and pee, y’all.)

In some cases, a woman may opt to ‘go commando’ and skip the panties when she wears stockings. Panty girdles with garters are one easy option. But even if it’s an open bottom girdle or a garter belt, she may forgo panties; by wearing the rest of her foundation garments and sitting like a lady, you’ll never know. Unless she cares to share that knowledge with you. *wink*

All lingerie & photos shown from Secrets In Lace — they have plus sizes too, in the Curvy Woman Salons!

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