Bamboo Panties — Not Just For Pandas Anymore!

Metro brings us the news that Luva Huva‘s new line of eco-friendly underwear made from bamboo and soy. Yup, you read that right, bamboo & soy. But the company swears these bamboo knickers won’t give you the shaft:

Designer Joanna Ketterer said the garments are super soft and ‘not only beautiful but ethically sound’.

The fabric for the lingerie is made from the pulp of bamboo grass which resembles unspun cotton and can be woven and dyed.

Ms Ketterer, 26, who set up the eco-fashion company Luva Huva in 2005 said: ‘People often have the perception that ethical and environmentally sound clothing lacks style and comfort. Bamboo fabric is a very soft, strong, durable and breathable fabric. It also has some anti-bacterial properties so it is very hygienic – and of course it is sexy.’

No word on whether the bamboo & soy cami’s & panties will leave you craving more within 30 minutes.

Boys, tell us — will you be hungry for more from Luva Huva?

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