Bra Hatred In The News

Focusing a bit on bra hatred… Random acts of bra violence.

A man tore up his wife’s new bra during an argument over his in-laws. In an old fashioned TV classic case of he/she, he wanting his wife’s family to leave and she not agreeing, the man “announced he was angry, went upstairs and tore up his wife’s new bra valued at $28, according to the report. He then called his wife upstairs to show her the bra in pieces.”

I’d say the bra was worth more than the marriage.

CR/LF alerts us to the story of a woman who had to remove her bra & have her breasts touched, just to get through airport security.

Jeebuz, what’s going on in this country?

We need a little more bra peace ’round here.

No go on, get outta here and practice some bra love!

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