"The Ankles Are The Same — The Stockings Are Different!"

This vintage ad for “Onyx” Hosiery “Pointex” silk stockings shows the sliming effects of the reinforced pointed heel:

THESE two photographs are of the same model, though not of the same stockings. See for yourself the added gracefulness that “Pointex” suggests.

The tapering lines of “Pointex” suggest tapering lines in the ankle.

According to njskylands.com, these stockings were manufactured by Guenther’s Silk Mill in Dover:

The Onyx Pointex stockings developed here were the first affordable, fashionable silk stockings and became a sought after product. The reenforced heel was also debuted here, said to have done much to enhance the appearance of the wearer’s legs. The Guenther silk mill became the largest hosiery manufacturer in the world.

I’m wondering why, then, such pointed reinforced heels are called “French”. Is it that the allure of Parisian women was added to sell such a heel? Was the pointed triangle already in use in hose (socks & such) and called “French” so it eventually took-over as the name? (A French heel is noted here; though it is a rounded heel to knit and it dates after the Onyx Pointer.) Or does the article mis-state the debut of the reinforced heel & the French made them first? Ah, for a day in the library to research without children. *wink*

While the ad above dates to 1926, the New Jersey site says that the business sold in 1927 to the Gotham Silk Company and that the silk mill itself closed by the end of the 1930s.

As a bit of a side note, Onyx Pointer hose also used classic statuary to sell the idea of slimming one’s ankles. In this ad, also from 1926, the goddess Diana’s ankles are mocked.

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