You’re In For A Pleat Treat!

When Sweet Cherry gives her Pick Of The Week, boy, she ain’t kiddin’. Check out this gorgeous vintage Vanity Fair peignoir set in coral.

That’s 100% vintage nylon tricot — pleated!

The dressing gown has puffy sleeves of double layers of sheer nylon and a huge sweep of nearly 300 inches around. It has no buttons, to be worn open — and who would cover that nightgown’s bodice?

This vintage lingerie has French-style Chantilly roped lace on the sheer double tulle netting bodice. And, as if that weren’t enough, the nightgown is floor-length with a beautiful sweeping hemline of 240 inches around — give or take a bit due to the pleats.

It isn’t cheap; but then, neither are we — and we’re worth it, right?

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