High-Five Fridays: Lingerie Fetishist Edition

1) Well, I’ll be darned; I’m a lingerie fetishist — or at least running a blog for women’s lingerie fetishists. It’s not that I didn’t really know that… But it is weird to read it. Like I did at Found in Mom’s Basement.

2) Thanks to Gracie for calling this post the “Best Damn Hosiery Post. Ever.”

3) Speaking of hosiery… Silent Porn Star presents the other side of the stocking story. You lingerie fetishist may not entirely like it, but honestly, you should know this stuff — there might be a quiz. (And to tease you more, that’s where the image is from.)

4) New Wonderbra ad a “smashing” success.

5) Janet Jackson to launch her line of lingerie called Pleasure Principal in November.

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