Vintage Lingerie Hit The Runway At Art Of Fashion

Angela of Dorothea’s Closet sent me these cool snaps taken at her lingerie show at the Art of Fashion runway show (from the 2008 Des Moines tattoo Festival). When she sent them, she said:

I was asked to do part of a fashion show at the Iowa Tattoo Festival, and decided lingerie would be perfect! I had my stylists do BIG BIG 60s Fredericks of Hollywood hair, lots of eyeliner and the song they walked to was “Boobs” by Ruth Wallis. Pillow fight w/ feathers flying at the end……the crowd ate it up!

Well, duh! Who wouldn’t eat that up?! Look!

You can also see a video of the lingerie fashion show here.

I’ve asked her for more photos — ‘cuz I’m a vintage lingerie glutton. Don’t look at me that way — you’re one too. :p

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