Lace Neck Corsets — Better Than Necklaces & Other Jewelry!

At the illusion lace (modern) post, Diamond Joe asked:

What I want to know is, where do you get the high, lace-edged collar? I always love demure touches, because they make the rest seem super-naughty.

The high lace-edged collar Diamond Joe is talking about is a neck corset.

Of course, real neck corsets (sometimes called posture collars or neck lacers) are more extreme in their purpose, designed to limit movement by not allowing the lady (or wearer) to look down without bending at the waist, making her far more vulnerable &/or submissive.

Like many things sexual — and lingerie — one can use the imagery of neck corsets to convey the idea, the fantasy, if not to actually limit movement. Like pillows with wrist ties & handcuffs (vs. rope and spreader bars), neck corsets with more lace than boning suggest the fantasy, present the allure, without actually hampering any one’s movements.

Some may deny the BDSM appeal of a neck corset, especially if it is more lace and jewelry-like than boned and snugly-laced. They have a more wistful romantic notion of days gone by… This I cannot argue.

But even a romantic such as myself cannot deny that such things as high-necked Victorian collars were indeed a form of control. Even if you are not a feminist who sees a patriarchy in pursuit of controlling women, you must admit such cloaking from throat to toe certainly allowed a lady the ability to control a man’s gaze; there’s power in both.

As with such things, simply covering the throat and neck, removing access, can make that the most desirable real estate on the body — even if the wearer is otherwise naked.

Humans always want what they cannot have, and this is especially true of men who, because of their drive to claim & conquer, will leave no stone unturned to have it all unavailable to them. Denial can be one of the greatest aphrodisiacs, and any woman who has denied will attest to that.

So ladies, if you want him to drive you crazy with gentle kisses and little nips on your neck, try covering it up rather than exposing it. He’ll be dying to peel that neck corset off quick enough. Well, eventually he will… He may be a bit distracted by other things first (or several times), but eventually he will want to have it all, including your lace covered neck.

Diamond Joe, and others, I hope knowing what they are called helps you find them. I’m off to buy a black neck corset, like the one shown above (which is actually the same as the one shown with the blindfold — which I’ve yet to find).

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