What We Learn From A Vintage Van Raalte Stockings Ad

Look what we learn about nylon stockings and denier in this Van Raalte ad from 1942:

No fooling — a little preliminary headwork on suiting the stocking to the need will add to the footwork your rayons can stand. Sheer enough, sturdy enough 75 denier is lovely for all round wear. And phantom sheer 50 and 65 deniers belong with orchids. But for duty hours, the suitable, sensible thing for a hard working patriot is 100 denier, the stocking that can take it with well groomed nonchalance. Ask for them with the exclusive, strainless Flextoe feature in the cosy cotton plaited feet. At better stores.

I love the last line too; “Because you love nice things.”

Via Flicker.

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