High-Five Fridays For You

1) Hey, I had a mention in The Village Voice‘s Naked City blog — Thanks, Audacia Ray!

2) CR/LF of Red-Blooded Thing shows us eye candy in pretty lingerie.

3) Go see the custom Faire Frou Frou lingerie painting!

4) For more pinup and vintage culture — including bombshell beauty tips — check out Oolala Vintage!

5) Irish Wit and German Sadism (also via Silent Porn Star) shares retro lingerie goodies, saying:

PlaidStallions.com brings us some more fine 70s fashion and some hawt babez in 70s lingerie. And even more lingerie! Ladies and gents who prefer gents will not be let down with the latter page, as it features gents in tight undies. HAWT. If you’re THAT way, anyway. Personally, I could go for a chick in the “Gloria” outfit.

Have high-fives to give? Find out how to give your High-Five Fridays here!

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