Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady Needs Four Times The Blades

Schick® Quattro for Women® is not only the first 4-blade razor designed for women, offering 2 conditioning strips with aloe and Vitamin E, but it promises a “shave so smooth, you could skip a day or two”.

That’s mighty big talk for another “pink razor” (even if it comes in teal too lol).

But Schick succeeds!

I’ve been using the Schick® Quattro for Women® for a few weeks — and while that means I’ve only used it 10 times, that’s exactly why it rocks. No need to shave the next day, and day three the hair is still so short, legs so smooth, shaving isn’t mandatory; that’s something to celebrate.

I’ve never had such smooth legs — and for so long too. And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of razors — his and hers.

Hey, and no nicks and cuts — even on my knees and near the ankles where I typically manage to mangle myself. Tiny wire strips over the four blades are what apparently keep me from doing that.

This is no light-weight plastic razor; the Schick® Quattro for Women® is actually constructed of metal with a strong and comfortable rubber handle, which makes for easy use in the shower — you really feel like you’re holding and controlling something here. The pivoting head does most of the work, placing the blades where they can remove the hair; but still, it’s nice to have the control.

Ladies, if you’ve been using his razor to get a 4-blade shave, you no longer need to do so. And if you’ve been suffering with plastic “toy” razors, do yourself a favor and get a real razor. You’ll thank me — and Schick — for it. *wink*

As sold at Amazon, the package has one razor, one extra blade-head, and one suction-cup shower hanger. Refills are sold in packs.

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