Be A Dragon Lady

Wicked Cervin Shangai Stockings with Red Ankle Dragons of 100% nylon 15 denier black stockings (exclusive of dragon tattoo designs) are sure to tempt.

Cervin makes genuine seamed stockings, on what are probably the last fully functional cotton knitting machines (3D machines) in Europe, requiring two hours worth of labor for a single pair. They’ve been doing so since founder Germain Massal began knitting hosiery in the 1920s, when he made silk stockings sent to the Royal and Imperial Courts of Europe.

Knitting on 3D machines makes the thread and mesh of the stocking perfectly identical from the top to the bottom. As the fine stocking company says:

This artistic type of know how was disappearing from the planet : we have been able to revive it, quite a challenge ! Stockings knitted nowadays on fully-fashioned machines, 3 D type, are well adapted to the shape of the leg, the meshes are identical from the top to the toe-end, they are perfectly fitting and available in 5 sizes.

This technique is so highly sought after that museums and private collectors commission Cervin for their own collections.

And now you know why these stocking will seduce your partner — they’ve seduced you and you’re not even within reach of them! (Yet!)

While you’re shopping, don’t forget the matching black garter belt: Cervin Shangai Suspender Belt with Red Dragons (90% nylon 10% elastane lycra).

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