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Because many of you don’t read the posts unless there’s a photo, I’m using this vintage photo of a woman wearing a slip sitting in a chair here to get your attention for a favor…

A dear friend of mine, you may know her as Jewel at Sex-Kitten.Net, is moving to hospice today. We’ve known of her battle with cancer since late last fall, but we were all shocked to discover the news last week.

This is, in part, why I’ve been posting so much; to distract myself.

I spoke with her over the weekend and she asked me to bring the kids down to see her once she settles into the hospice. (We’ve gone to see her as a family several times because she’s a bit less than a day’s drive away.) Knowing this is likely the last time we’ll be able to see her & say our goodbyes, I couldn’t tell her, “No, I can’t afford it.” And frankly, I can’t even bear that thought… but it’s the truth. (This is also why I’ve selected this particular vintage photo: because my hands sure do feel tied behind my back.)

So I’m asking you for your support.

If you’re a fan of this blog, please make a donation via Amazon (there’s a box there on the sidebar too) and help me raise the traveling money.

Or, if you have a website &/or blog and are looking for something in return, buy an ad or give me some scratchback love and get in that Top Spots list. (I also have Top Spots at my other blog.)

Whatever you give, however you give it, Jewel, my family and I, all thank you.

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