Yes, Virginia, Thongs Can Be Too Snappy

In my continual rock-throwing battle with Goliath VS, I bring you the news you may already have heard…

Macrida Patterson, 52, a traffic cop for the Los Angeles DOT, is suing the lingerie giant “Victoria’s Secret” over a thong incident. According to the latest reports, Patterson has filed a lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret, after a thong fastener snapped and injured her eye. The thong, a Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Thing low-rise v-string, had a heart-shaped pendant attached to the fabric with a metal fastener, according to the lawsuit, when one of the metal pieces snapped off the thong and struck Macrida Patterson in the eye.

Proof that that thong can really put your eye out.

And litigate against VS, world; it’s almost as much fun as watching them screw themselves out of their own business.

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