Panties Which Smell Like Pedophilia?

No, I don’t know why blogger is turning my photo sideways like that. Maybe they like adding their own irony — which just could be over-kill in this situation.

Maybe you’ve heard by now that Hasbro is to launch My Little Pony lingerie — for adults. (Can’t find a word about it other than all the sites pointing to Fashionista’s post and at SoapNet, but I’ll keep looking; especially for images. My call to Hasbro has not yet been returned; sounds worse than it is, as I called late in their business day.)

On one hand the pretty ponies with tramp-stamps (admittedly on their butts, not their backs) could be a big hit with trashy twenty-somethings who don’t mind mixing their sex with their pre-pubescence playtime. Then again, I think all lingerie is about sex; so don’t listen to me. Grown men wear Scooby-Doo & (if we’re lucky) Hulk underpants. And I knew I was being naughty when I got him those Sugar Daddy Pop boxers.

The whole thing kind of reminds me of those Love’s Baby Soft panties… Then it was peddling sex to kids (with kids, ala Brook Shields). Now it’s about twisting childhood nostalgia into something for sexy grown-ups.

In related news, you can design a tramp-stamp for a real My Little Pony as part of Hasbro’s celebration of the toys becoming 25 years old.

Photo via The Traveling Troll.

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