High-Five Fridays #16

1) We all know the right bra has special powers — and it certainly can energize (including men!), but how about a solar-powered bra that can generate enough electric energy to charge a mobile phone or an iPod?

2) Amanda Brooks (at SWOP East’s blog) says: “Pam Anderson sells her worn underwear. Why can’t she just admit she’s a sex worker instead of treading the line? It would be nice to have an honest celebrity.” Keep hoping, Amanda.

3) Kudos to Gracie for all her news!

4) Check this out: “When a lingerie brand puts the idea of pleasing a man ahead of what an undergarment means to a woman, then it gets it all wrong and backward.” I know you have something to say about this *wink*

5) No, it’s not a powder puff — but it does make your cheeks pretty! *wink*

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