Scattered Notes

You go away for a few weeks, just to clear your head and convince yourself there’s a life without the Internet, and Blogger/Google goes and labels your blog a spam blog. Apparently in less than 14 days, the rules of blogging changed or something. Or they just like to do this to me every year or so… Yeah, its happened before. So I had to again start the “read me and verify I’m written by a human” process.

Maybe there’s this guy who works for Google who just wants to read my blog at work so he goes and reports it as a spam blog just to be legit at work.

Who knows.

Anyway, if I was starting to worry about my sanity before my little break, having to do word verification prior to posting could just set me over that edge… I don’t like it. :blech: It’s like an accusatory finger pointing at me while I type — and I’d like to give it my own finger, if you get my meaning.


Also part of today’s scattered insanity…

Bonobos don’t wear underpants but there are Bonobo pants.

(Why-O-why do they have that little pink “B” icon? And that photo with the tree? Are you selling men’s pants to women? Women who like to imagine their men as landscaping fanatics? Or maybe they are selling women pants for men they have not met yet who will hold their hands and walk the beach at sunset — and rest for a spell under the trees…)

Oh, the insanity!

I’m not sure I’m ready to be back.

(And, in case you were too lazy to click and see how clever I am, Dr. Suzy Block’s on Cult of Gracie Radio tonight.)

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