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Gracie isn’t one to avoid controversy or taboos, and her radio show, Cult of Gracie, sure shows it. The first show discussed cross dressing and tonight the guest is Randall Radic, also known as ‘Father Felony’ or ‘Daddy Radic.’

Radic is, among other things, the Ripon, CA pastor who sold the First Congregational Church without the knowledge of his congregation and who ended up embroiled in another legal scandal for conversations with his cell mate. As if that weren’t interesting enough, Radic has had 8 fiancees, & 2 wives, and, as you can imagine, some very complicated relationships…

From Gracie’s blog:

About Randall: His recently released memoir, The Sound Of Meat (published by Ephemera Bound) covers his earlier life as a professional swim coach and priest, including his eight fiancees & two wives. “I used to try and save souls without ever examining my own,” says Radic. Now, with this memoir, he puts pen to his mission, voice to his sin, sadism to his redemption.

Do I even have to urge you to listen & call in?

Just go here at 9 p.m. (central) tonight, and press the orange button to listen live! Call in at (347) 838-8467

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