I Could Be Russian, Except For My DD Cups

In Lingerie factory brings Russian sexy to Britain we see inside a Russian lingerie factory and learn much.

My favorite quote is:

Women in Russia “want brighter colours — maybe it’s because we have longer winters. Lingerie has recently become something that lifts your mood here. It’s like buying a handbag,” she continued.

Don’t I know it — here in the frozen tundra we had a foot of new snow last week.

But for pure humor value, you can’t beat this:

“It’s a town forgotten by God,” muttered a taxi driver as he drove an AFP reporter through the rutted streets of Gagarin, located in the middle of a birch and pine forest some 160 kilometres (99 miles) west of Moscow.

There are lots of key learning points in this article; to ensure you’re reading it:

* tell me who or what is described at “derelict”

* name three (or four) differences, noted or implied in the article, between Russian & British women

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