Post-Show Gossip

Those of us who listened to the premier of Cult of Gracie Radio (mentioned here), were definitely treated to a good teasin’ pleasin’ time. You can find official post-show notes here (and listen to the archived show here if you missed it), but I just had to share a few of my own thoughts…

Jane was equal parts cute and intelligent, and, obviously, I completely agree with what was said about the art of tease. The boys in the chat there were funny — one of them was complimenting Jane on her tease audios, saying they are great to listen to on the bus. (Must eye those with iPods in public more suspiciously now — and flash them some slip hem. lol) But perhaps the best line of the night (and something which surely thrilled cross dressers & lingerie fetishists) was when Gracie said that women looking for powerful, successful men should shop the cross dressing and panty boy sites. Heh Heh. I bet Cosmo hasn’t run that article yet. *wink*

Also, while I am dishing, not only is Jane the (lucky) gal of the (equally lucky) Greg (my Warmest Greg), but is appears (via Silent Porn Star) that the Pop Feminist is one of Jane’s daughters.

It may not be a small world, but it sure is cozy in here. And that makes for more chances to brush up against one another in our vintage nylon slips (just as Jane was wearing for the show!)

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