Body Image 2.0

Can Body Image 2.0-ers change the national conversation on body image and make every woman and girl feel better about her own body, no matter what her shape and size?

In Body Confidence 2.0, by Julia Savacool (published in the May 2008 issue of Fitness), the new trend is investigated…

Attention, Women With Real Curves, Jiggles and Pooches: The Antidote To Any Body Hang-Ups Is Coming Soon To A Web Site Near You. Fitness Reports On The Surprising New Trend.

Despite the bold proclamation, Julia appears to be a bit surprised by her findings.

But really now, should anyone really be surprised that women are using technology to expose not just a media bias towards unrealistic bodies, but also exposing their bodies to make the same point?

With self-publishing comes the more than the mechanism & means, but the right to create the editorial content & the very mission of the publication. Right down to deciding what is “normal” and even who and what is “sexy”.

And it’s difficult to decide which is more liberating: Controlling the media, the message, or our very own bodies.

Now more than ever we have the ability to exercise something which should be our right — the right to control our bodies in voice and deed, to decide what should be said about ourselves, to say what it is that we are really thinking and feeling, and to show what we wish.

Blogging and self-publishing allows us to take those previously intimate conversations, such as kitchen table coffee clutches and those rants shared over a bottle (or two) of wine, and share them with so many more people.

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