Another Dirty Secret Of Victoria’s

You know I love to bash VS and enjoy a good icky Vicki’s post, so here’s the latest of Victoria’s Secrets: patent theft.

Katerina Plew invented a bra that allows women to hide the straps by clipping them to any of a series of loops along the front and back, spending $12,000 registering her invention as Patent No 6,733,362, and developing a prototype. But when she realized the costs of production, she began contacting lingerie companies — and that’s where Icky Vicky comes in.

According to James Bone at The Times:

[Plew] says that she set up an appointment to meet a Victoria’s Secret executive to whom she had mailed a copy of her patent.

She claims that the appointment was cancelled.

A year later Ms Plew walked into a Victoria’s Secret shop and saw the “VS-Bra”, which has detachable straps and numerous eyelets that allow the user 100 different ways to wear it.

“The moment I walk into the store and saw a large display in the centre of the store, I cried,” she said.

I guess this is one way to have VS lose its sexy image. While I find Pink a down-right criminal thing to do to lingerie, and very un-sexy, patent theft is even worse.

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