High-Five Fridays #11

1) A high-five to Secondhand Rose for her Filling Myself:

Moms and sex workers have two of the least respected professions — and the oldest. Perhaps it is the general femaleness of the population of workers in each of these professions which keeps them relegated to the low-rungs on the respect ladder… I don’t know for certain. Stay-home dads face it too, but then most are mocked & compared to women (and there’s nothing worse for a man to be called than a ‘woman’ in our society — and that’s a huge topic for another time). But both the mother and the sex worker face ridicule of their work.

2) Speaking of the wise Rose, she and Gracie penned Working Girls Speak: Shame On You, Diane Sawyer:

If we find one bastard, in any profession, who stomped on a kitten (or a puppy) for pay, are we allowed to hold that bastard up as a representative ~ in any fashion ~ of that profession?

3) Never enough leopard print lingerie. You’ll have to go see if you agree. *wink*

4) Gurlz Gone Glam, a new blog I found with lots of vintage lingerie — for sale too!

5) Cindy Johnson, national lingerie expert and owner of SOL lingerie store, explains how to make your bra invisible and beat those warm weather woes. (Bra shown below is the Daisy Plunge Bra by Marie Jo — currently at the top of the page; it’s a very clunky site.)

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