The Paper Parts of Lingerie Collecting

Yours truly has been interviewed regarding her lingerie collection (the paper parts) over at Marty Weil’s ephemera blog:

ephemera: When did you become a collector of the vintage lingerie ephemera?

Slipofagirl: The short and pithy answer is, ‘Once I realized it is often much cheaper than the vintage lingerie itself!’

But the truth is it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Yes, you’ll have to read the interview to find more about how complicated it is — and while you’re there, please leave Marty a comment so he knows how utterly interesting both myself and lingerie collecting are. *wink*

(He should already know that; he said I was very clever and did something no one else he’d interviewed had done… Yes, I’m continuing to tease you. Go read it!)

Should you have any questions on my collection or thoughts on my collection, please do let me know. (I’m not shy about it, am I? *wink*)

PS The ‘victim of the black hand’ postcard I refer to in the interview is this postcard I traded Silent Porn Star for (you’ll have to ask her what I gave her lol).

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