Panty Magic

I now draw your attention to this Jamaican piece on panties. While the definitions etc. are “OK”, I was most intrigued by the first paragraph:

Panties are female undergarments which have drawn mixed reactions and have been the centre of embarrassment for men and women alike, whether used as a token of promiscuous sex, worn as a sign of luxury or given as a gift to a lover. Panties are items for fetish because of the belief that they have magical powers. Panties are also associated with obeah practices to ‘tie a woman to man’ to seal a permanent union.

Sadly, none of this was further explained. So Slippity-do-da to the rescue!

Obeah (and Wanga) are words that occur in The Book of the Law:

Also the mantras and spells; the obeah and the wanga; the work of the wand and the work of the sword; these he shall learn and teach.

The Book of the Law is the sacred text of Thelema, written by Aleister Crowley in 1904. This is practiced most often by those of African descent, and is quite active in Jamaica & the Caribbean. This is very similar (and likely linked via African diaspora) to voodoo and hoodoo, an African-American magic.

The obeah involving panties is a love spell. It is said that to bind a woman you must, among other things, bury her panties.

There are additional spells for love, lust & sexual binding — including the use of panties. (See also here.)

However, one need not believe in, nor practice, obeah, voodoo or hoodoo to believe the article’s statement that “Panties are items for fetish because of the belief that they have magical powers.” We all know the magic of a pair of panties.

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