Pudding And Pantyhose Promo?

Via KKC comes this 1964 ad for My-T-Fine pudding.

Buy pudding, get pantyhose?

As Pop Tart noted:

I’m at a bit of a loss here because hubby keeps me to the PG-13 rule, but naturally, when I hear of pudding and pantyhose I think of a control-top — and a breathable cotton crotch. The ad mentions neither.

Nor does it actually state pantyhose, but rather reads “nylon fashion hosiery.” Not that pudding in my stockings sounds much better.

I’m at a total loss for this magazine marketing move… Other than the fact that women buy both, why bother? We also buy tampons, but would you combine that with pudding? With any food product?

Perhaps the reason for it was an advertising agency/brand marketing company, such as Brandspa, who had both My-T-Fine and a hosiery client… Stranger bedfellows have been created via such agency moves.

Anyway, if this tickles you, the ad is for sale at eBay — but Pop Tart says she’s keeping hers *wink*

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