High-Five Fridays #9

1) Because You Know I’m a Sucker For Aprons: A nifty article at CQ on aprons — with lots of photos & linkage, like to these free apron patterns.

2) Because Bra Knowledge is Key: An interview with Susan Nethero, founder and chief fit stylist for Intimacy lingerie, which includes the following fascinating bit of info.

Why do you believe European-made bras are better than American-made? A bra is the most technical product that you wear. An American bra has on average 14 to 16 separate parts; a European bra has 30 to 40. In Europe, bra-making is an artistic craft. At one time there were probably over 100 companies in Europe making bras. In France alone they have 5,000 specialty stores for bras. American brands are more mainstream and mass produced.

3) History told through old clothing makes me hunger to go to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

4) The Wall Street Journal has an article on vintage fashions, including the thoughts of Pamela Golbin, curator in chief of the Musée de la Mode et du Textile.

5) Lastly, it’s nylon, or nothing.

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  • deraveling says:

    Hey, do European women have more parts to their boobs, or designers have more (working) parts of their brains, or? Strangeness. Madness. Really.

  • Pop Tart says:

    Thanks for the apron-fives ;)

    I had no idea how many parts there were in any bra… I would have counted 2 cups, 2 straps, a band and 2 poking underwires & that’s it lol

    I’m ‘fashionably’ late with my high-fives… Forgive moi ;)

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