Don’t Hem & Haw Over These Slips!

Two vintage beauties at SweetCherry right now — slips with hems to die for!

This full slip has 6 inches of ivory Chantilly lace trim at the hem (and the bodice is nothing short of spectacular too!)

If that one has you dreaming of dancing around the bedroom, the house — WalMart! — then hold on, dears… I’ve never seen such a dream of a hem as this next one.

This black half slip has petticoat layers!

A layer of sheer pink, a layer of sheer hot pink, and a layer of sheer black– that’s three layers of sheer nylon tricot! And where that luscious layer of swing hem attaches to the black nylon slip skirting, there’s a wide band of black lace.

Both are vintage Vanity Fair slips, so you can almost feel the quality & swoosh as you swirl — and swoon *wink*

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