Lingerie Name Dropping

According to The Globe and Mail, lingerie designer Christine Morton is shocked by the power of Oprah:

Vancouver lingerie designer Christine Morton has dressed a lot of celebrities. Her specialized silk lingerie collection, called Christine Vancouver, has attracted the likes of Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and, more recently, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. But it wasn’t until Oprah wore a pair of her tailored, lavender silk pyjamas on the cover of January’s O Magazine that Morton felt the full impact of stardom’s endorsement.

“The response has been enormous,” Morton says from her design studio in West Vancouver. “We’ve dressed Catherine Zeta-Jones and a lot of other famous celebrities, but it’s never been the same fervour as this.”

Since the magazine came out, Morton has been receiving e-mails from consumers all over the world wanting to buy the pyjamas. “Everyone wants them,” she says breathlessly. “The influence and power Oprah has is mind-boggling.”

I’m more surprised at the clamoring for PJs when Christine Vancouver proffers these gems:

Cori Howard, the author of the Globe piece, is surprised by the appeal of ‘pricey’ pjs and, in fact, is awed by the power of luxury lingerie:

It seems we’ve entered a new world of luxury lingerie. New for us commoners, maybe. Not so new for celebrities or for Morton herself, who started her company more than 30 years ago. From the start, her handmade, one-of-a-kind silk lingerie was snapped up by Bergdorf’s and Barneys. “Back then, I was making little shorts and camisoles and teddies and people didn’t know what they were,” she says. “Nobody was making lingerie back then. Bras and panties were just utilitarian. I’ve seen such an awakening and appreciation over the years for lingerie and the way women perceive themselves.”

I’ve written/ranted on this before; so I’ll keep it short and just, naturally, agree.

One thing that I did learn from the article was Morton’s “obsession with lace” and a collection of antique lace. I wasn’t surprised exactly, but it wasn’t something I knew. *wink*

While Morton says that men find the tailored, yet sensuous look” of her pajamas (the ones Oprah picked), I prefer the gowns and slips.

A note of caution (or, as I see it, a threat), Morton is going to start catering to a younger market.

What is new at Christine Vancouver? “More fitted, short, pretty, racy pieces,” Morton says. That is part of the look she is developing for her younger customers.

And they’re beautiful: romantic, glamorous, sexy. Morton is using more lycra with silk for the stretch and a snugger fit, and adding new colours such as cherry, sapphire blue, willow green and ice blue.

And with that, Slip of a Girl fears the elegance and sexy sophistication of Christine Vancouver will become watered-down in the tramp-swamp of the younger demographic.

Remember the antique lace, Christine; remember the antique lace.

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