Stealing Satan’s Red Panties

I just finished watching Miss Congeniality and was trying desperately to find a clip of the scene where Sandra Bullock’s character is grilling Miss Rhode Island about her past crimes.

Miss Rhode Island admits she has committed a crime, saying, “One time I stole red underwear from the department store. My mother wouldn’t buy them — she said they were Satan’s panties.”

Later on, when Bullock (as Miss New Jersey) is pushing Miss Rhode Island into performing her talent with flaming battons, Bullock says, “You ate pizza, you stole panties, you’re wild. We worked on this, remember? You’re gonna be great.” And when she gives her ‘hot’ performance, Bullock hugs her saying, “Now you can wear Satan’s panties!”

I loved it, of course. Nearly as much as I love pretty red panties…

So here are some red-hot vintage panties to consider stealing — I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find your own Satan with these *wink*

Vintage red bra and tap set photo from Silver Screen Loungerie.

Vintage sheer chiffon red full-cut panties with a rose & ruffles

Vintage red pettipants with black flower embroidery

And look at this cool retro set: sheer jacket, bra top (with faux pearls!) and wonderfully ruffled panty bottoms!

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