Of Panty Gifts & Tips

‘Mr. Sex’ tries to get men to buy ladies knickers this Valentine’s Day — but he’s got an awfully good idea for the ladies too:

(oh, and if any women out there suffer from wrong-pantage this VD, here’s a tip to get rid of ‘em without mashing his ego into a pulp; before you put them on, make a few crafty snips here and there with a pair of scissors, and rip them off during foreplay. He’ll get his jollies, and you’ll never have to wear them again. Suggest that the two of you can go together and buy some more – whilst subtly dropping what you’d really like – and everyone’s a winner)

Image from Nylon Dreams.

If you’re in a Valentine’s Day panty bind, check out this sale: Panty Grab Bag 10 Pack for just $10.99 (with free two-day shipping for the holiday!)

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