Date Night Movie, Anyone?

CJ sent this frantic email:

Slip of a Girl, my new boyfriend has asked me out for Valentine’s Day (it’s our third date). He’s taking me to dinner and a movie — but he’s asked me to select the movie. I’d like to keep the date playful and fun, rather than too ‘chick flick’ like. But I also don’t want to pick some violent body-count movie either. Any ideas for a movie that we’d both like? Again, it’s only our third date — but not necessarily *that* magic third date lol.

My recommendation for a playful movie date on Valentine’s Day is Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show.

Inspired by Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights, Hollywood to the Heartland is a documentary of stand-up comedians performing 30 shows in 30 days, traveling cross country over 6,000 miles. Don’t let the word ‘documentary’ throw you; this film covers the entire tour of stand-up performances, improvisational sketches, behind-the-scenes action, and interviews.

I’ve not yet seen the film, but what’s not to love about a tour bus full of male comedians?

Err, because living on it might be quite another thing lol, let me rephrase… What’s not to love about watching a film about a tour bus full of male comedians?

Men will probably enjoy the macho antics — at least more than some tear-jerker. Women who love eye candy even more than that red heart-shaped box of candy will enjoy looking at Vince Vaughn. Or maybe that’s just me? *wink*

At least Wild West has to be better than special effects explosions and blood. (Contrary to popular opinion, such films do not make women think of men as their heroes; instead we become suspicious of all men.)

Vince’s Wild West promises to be just the sort of witty and silly fun to remind you, CJ, and women everywhere that men are at their most lovable when they can make you smile.

And that, my dear, is why you’ll need to consider just what bra & panties you’ll be wearing…

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