How Do You Explain It?

Deanna, aka Pop Tart, and her hubby, Derek, promised me this (cleaned-up) scan from a 1955 newspaper once hubby published his article at Collectors’ Quest. I’ve been so excited to show it off to you!

To Woman Who Is Missing ‘Undies’: Police Have ‘Em

Notice to the woman who is missing some of her ‘unmentionables:’

Fargo police detectives have four panties, two slips, and a bra in a locker and would prefer you pick them up — just as soon as possible.

The police came into possession of the undergarments Wednesday after Wayne Lee, 1258 4th St. N. found them in his garbage can.

Lee’s wife said they weren’t hers so he took them to the police for safe keeping.

I didn’t think you’d believe me without the scan, so here it is!

Make of it what you will. *wink*

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