Seeing Red: Lingerie Forecasting

God bless her, Mudkipz at Fashion-Stuff blog has posted a Fall 2008 Lingerie Forecast.

Where to begin…

Once again I wonder if I am just too darn old to be tolerant any longer of the fashion BS. The only proof I have that I’m not is that A) the fact that I get so riled up means I care, and caring is good if you want to be part of the solution, and B) I feel bad that I’m about to unload a whole bunch of cranky at Ms Mudkipz.

Honestly, it’s not her; it’s the whole ‘fashion dictates’ thing — which especially works my very last nerve when it enters the realm of lingerie. How dare it!

Really, this is like seeing someone wearing black fishnets with a powder blue babydoll & matching rhumba panties; you just don’t ruin a glorious cloud of sheer nylon with harsh black lines. Just one of many visual version of nails on a chalkboard…

Where was I?

Oh, yes, the matter of predicting fashion forecasts for lingerie. :sigh:

You know, I can ‘take’ the fact that fashion is a business, that it needs to generate ‘new’ wants and desires to make money. I don’t like that so many believe that what the so-called designers make is a mandate for purchase and wearing; but I can accept that like any other act of commerce the fashion industry tries to ‘motivate’ me. I just don’t fall for it anymore than I do the car ads, the pizza commercials, the beer jingles etc. etc. etc.

But when it comes to lingerie, me and The Girls need to stand up and be counted; so I’m putting on my best bullet bra & typing this rant.

The only way ‘fashion’ will dictate my lingerie is when I select what clothing I’ll be wearing. Halter top? Proper bra with straps which convert to fit the lines of the halter. Sheer yellow chiffon dress with plunging neckline? Bra with plunging neckline, and a full slip with plunging neckline, each in the proper shade to be least noticeable — if not yellow, than eggshell or beige even. (Or, I may opt for a half-slip and matching cami, should that be the best way to match that neckline.)

But no one should dare to dictate my under things.

Lingerie isn’t called intimate apparel just because of it’s proximity to my intimate places; this is literally all about my interior world.

Must I be a hard-ass at work? OK. But I’m still wearing my kitten soft, cotton candy pink panties to preserve my own sanity — and keep my softer side a secret. Must I be a practical wash & wear mommy? OK, but I reserve the right to wear my most impractical, hand wash only, full-cut vintage panties — with rhinestones and appliques — beneath those jeans. Must I shovel the (sickening) winter snow off my driveway? OK, but I’m wearing silky pettipants under my sweats.

I’m going to be me, express me, someway… Even if it’s a secret. Maybe because it’s my secret. And you can’t stop me!

Proper foundation garments mean you can keep a host of secrets… Even under a white suit you can wear that racy red bra and a black leather thong — just wear a formidable white corselette and no one needs to know.

And don’t even get me started on what I wear in the privacy of my home — or bedroom!

It’s true that my personal fashion choices have very little to do with Fashion, the current Haute Couture, or today’s trends as I am all about my own personal style; but that’s not why I buck the lingerie trend-setting & predictions. I just believe that we have the right to create and express our own worlds with our lingerie.

We the wearers are the only ones who see it — and should we allow the privilege to another, it’s because we are allowing them, literally, to enter our worlds. Just how far we let them go is another matter; but to be allowed to see a woman in her lingerie is to be admitted to the secret garden. (Likely her garden has a grand maze, which if you are lucky, you may figure out and find the most exquisite garden hidden deep in the center. Hint: Ignoring the beauty along the way in a mad rush to the center is a sure way not to find it; and find yourself booted.)

Am I ranting and foaming at the mouth? My point is that no one has the right to even pretend to tell me what my inner world is, nor what I will wear there.

So stop pushing lingerie forecasts. You have no idea who or what I choose to be in the Fall of 2008 or at any other time.

I’m not even sure of that yet.

And you can bet when I do know, I’ll be keeping that a little secret. Just for me to know, and a few lucky folks to find out.

Image credits: Adorable vintage pettipants with the a cat in the a hat; pink polka dot bra; dark rose panty girdle; vintage Saks bra and garter panty set.

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