Lingerie: A World Of Bad Taste

Fans have sent me some lingerie news/linkage to share with you all — and it isn’t necessarily pretty…

First up, Casey’s at bat with her find: The Wine Rack: a bra that let’s you store beverages in — you guessed it! — the bra cups. :sigh: Is sucking out of a straw in your bra sexy now? Really? And unless I’m mistaken, even a Merlot or a Burgundy is supposed to be a cool room temperature, not warmed to body temperature… (Burgundy would really remind me of human blood if that warm. :shudder:) And beer?! Ugh anyway, but at body temperature, wouldn’t that taste like the p*** most mock poor beer for? But enough of that; it gets worse.

According to the site selling it:

As well as its revolutionary booze-concealing benefits, the Wine Rack increases your cup size by two full cups (cue sound of guys cheering/leering). But that’s hardly surprising because this ingenious dual-purpose shoulder-boulder holder can carry up to 25 ounces of liquid – that’s an entire bottle of wine and a whole lot of extra boobage – talk about vino and va va voom!

Yeah, a woman insecure enough with her body is sure gonna be seen sucking from a straw that disappears in her clothing… And to make her boobs disappear right in front of folks’ eyes? Not.

CR/LF, the man behind Sex Is a Red-Blooded Thing (and Gracie’s beau), sent me this next noxious one… And because I’ve mentioned panty sniffing here (and here), I guess I ought to mention this post on women sniffing men’s underwear. Fair is fair. Or is that ‘unfair is unfair’?

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