The Best & Worst of Chloe Jo’s Best of 2007 List

Chloe Jo just sent her Girlie Girl Army Best of 2007 List out via her email newsletter. Overall, the list is good — and I certainly found some new places to visit and shop — but there are some ‘winners’ which I disagree with.

Because ranting and raving about one’s list without having made such a list yourself is an easy pot-shot, this post also contains my top picks — and announcements. So please read all of it!

To be fair, many of the categories are either not my cup of tea or I have had no experience with them (such as places in New York etc.), so I’ll not discuss those.

I disagree with:

Drying lotion rocks. Actually, this whole line is fabulous and cruelty-free.

For zits, including, ladies, those we don’t like to discuss (such as those found in the delicate under-bust, caused by hair regrowth from shaving and/or waxing our bikini lines, and the horrid one that shows up on our bum on date night), nothing works better than Wayne’s Whoop-Ass Healing Balm.

Not only does it heal and sooth blemishes, but it helps disguise them as well. So what if reading the bottle may make your mother faint — she shouldn’t be poking about in your medicine cabinet anyway.

Tristan Taormino’s site is the place for lusty girls! Sex and relationship advice galore.

Personally, I am so over Tristan (and Dan Savage). If you love them, then you probably won’t like what I’m about to say — but I believe Dan’s even written about it himself. The stuff they cover most folks could find out any number of places. The problem isn’t the lack of information, or, especially in Dan’s case, a lack of snark; the problem is that society at large has the emotional maturity of an 8 year old when it comes to sex.

What the world needs now is a realistic view of sexuality; one that has understanding and acceptance, one that doesn’t talk in sound-bytes or quick pithy explosions for attention. And that’s what I think Tristan and many others have become. It’s not a discussion when it’s a one way conversation. That’s a lecture.

To this end I continue to find Sex-Kitten.Net the ultimate place for honest, open, sex talk. It’s mainly women, but then it’s usually the women who do the talking.

There you’ll find mainstream moms mixing with sex workers; many orientations, faiths and life choices. Everything (from fiction, how-to articles, rants, health info, humor, stories from real life, advice, reviews, and even just everyday stuff) is intelligently written.

(And, for those who would prefer such talks sans ‘how to’ information, I’m suggesting Sex In The Public Square. It’s a new find for me, but so far I am impressed.)

I agree with:

BEST PLACE TO DUMP YOUR HIDEOUS FUR COAT collects fur and fur-trimmed garments for donation to wildlife rehabilitators, who use the furs to provide warmth and comfort for the injured or orphaned animals under their care.

This is an excellent new find!


I’ve long been a fan — but never been able to afford anything. *pout*

I am ambivalent about:

Domino Mag

I’m not sure what mag should take this category as so many of them are repetitive to the point that more than three issues, of the same publication or any combination of publications, makes one utterly bored.

I believe this will have to be an ongoing search at the other blog. Feel free to join me in discussing them.

BEST MAGAZINE The magazine that ALL girls need to have a subscription to. Plus their site can be surfed for hours on end.

I love Bust; that’s true enough. But “Best Magazine” is a tough category… I think as we dish home decor, we will need to break down a few other magazine categories.

There is no lingerie more elegantly trashy.
Of course you have to stop into the store when in LA.

I’m not particularly a fan of either ‘cheap’ lingerie or Trashy. ‘Affordable’, yes. ‘Best value’, as in price for quality, absolutely. And you know that I find Trashy’s designs to be more, well, ‘trashy’ than ‘alluring’ and/or ‘sensual’.

So here too, I’m going to make this an ongoing search for the year. And across several categories as well. So please comment & email with your category suggestions.

To that ‘end’…

They don’t rise, they come in cute colors, and they stay in one place.

You know I’m not a fan of thongs; so this will not be a category for our Best of 2008.

Chloe Jo, if you are here reading this, I’m sure you’ll notice that my disagreements are with a very small percentage of your picks (and I am shouting out love to you!). And if you are here, perhaps you’ll watch our selections for 2008 — and, just maybe, you’ll consider my blogs in some Best Of category too. *wink*

To the rest of you, please look for more detailed information on my our searches for Best Lingerie, Best Home Decor Magazine, and Best Magazines in other girly categories, for 2008. I’m hoping you’ll be part of it!

NOTE: This post also has the rare distinction of being a double or cross post at my other blog (some folks there just won’t visit here and vice versa).

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