Thoughts On Environmentally Green Lingerie

In An Eco-Sexy New Year Roxanne writes:

I’m considering being a green goddess for Valentine’s Day this year instead of the traditional sultry sex kitten in red. I’m having a hard time finding sexy eco-lingerie though. The UK and France have a couple cool online stores offering very sustainably sexy lingerie like G=9.8 out of France. They offer tres hot lingerie made from white pine needles and branches. The only things I can find in the US are organic cotton and hemp underwear that are rather boring. Plain thongs and hideously huge granny panties. I would love something a little more lively. Perhaps I’ll go in search of vintage lingerie, which is another option in the green world, buying used.

According to the comments, she’s since found Enamore, a UK brand of hemp/silk, organic silk and soya jersey lingerie by Ayten Gasson — like this Chocolate Peek a Boo Camisole & Knickers set shown here.

It’s pretty, but I’m still uneasy with hemp — and silk, truth be told, isn’t as lovely as nylon, especially vintage nylon… :swoon:

But Roxanne admits she’s still looking for some vintage lingerie to more or less keep green by ‘recycling’ what’s already here on this earth. (Go give her some of your favorite places — I’m, of course, going to mention this-here blog *wink*)

Still, the question remains, is it ‘greener’ to go hemp or to use what’s already here? In the long term, which is really the only way to look at things, vintage lingerie exists in limited, finite quantities… Which brings us to the issue of manufacturing in general.

I personally have not deeply investigated how damaging new nylon lingerie is to the environment. Sweatshops, sure, they’re horrible; but you run into that problem with any unethical manufacturing situation, including hemp. I guess that is also the problem with toxic chemicals, fuel usage and the environmental ethics manufacturing in general, in this case we’d specifically be looking at the textiles industry. Nylon itself is not a horrible thing (currently under ‘other answers’, by ‘redbeard’), but there are many issues…

This subject requires more thought — and your input.

Vintage lingerie image via Trishypoo.

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