"It’s the detergent I trust for everything – family wash, dishes, even my dainties!"

This vintage ad posted at Collectors’ Quest reminds me of a little story… Or two.

I came back home for a visit during my college years — yes, in part to do my laundry. I was in the laundry room when my dad came in and saw me using my own purchased bottle of Woolite (with the handwash setting for my own dainties). He looked at the bottle, then me, and said, “Why waste your money on that? All detergent is the same.”

“Oh yeah? You’ve obviously never seen the Brady’s episode where they use the wrong detergent in the washing machine,” I countered.

I’m sure my dad thought his tuition money was wasted right at that moment.

And he left the room.

Now you might think my dad ended this conversation out of some sort of awkward feelings over me and my dainties, but my dad preferred to keep his power and used his perfected combination of silent stare then a sigh with a slight shake of his head as he exited. This tactic did keep us wondering what he was thinking & tended to make us dash after him, blurting and confessing — digging ourselves deeper holes… So his tactic worked.

As for what my dad might have thought of my dainties, well, I was a girl and always had dainties, right? Had he actually looked at what was in the washing machine he might have been a bit more surprised…

Just before I left for college Mom and I did the shopping thing; she (and Dad) provided most of the money, but other than the dorm fridge and the popcorn popper I did all the purchasing. So anyway, Mom and I are in the lingerie department, getting the customary beginning of the school year bra and panty replacements, when I spot this lovely peach nylon gown…

It was so heavenly in its weight and drape on the hanger that I had to have it on me. I didn’t notice anything about the neckline or details — I just had to have that much ‘slink’ sliding around me.

I grabbed it, added to my arm loads of stuff, and took it home.

Mom never said a thing. Not one thing. Sure, she likely wasn’t surprised after spending so many of my childhood years searching for little girl’s nylon panties, but still, I thought she would ask or raise and eyebrow or something.

I had this elaborate explanation prepared in my head: I was a woman and living in the dorms I needn’t worry about being inappropriate around Dad with bits of silky lingerie peeping beneath my robe. Apparently mom just understood; she neither asked nor seemed embarrassed or upset by it.

When I got to college, I suffered some looks for my gown. I was immediately put into the ‘just here to get a guy’ group of girls, but I ignored that and eventually proved it false by not acting like those girls. Typically I only wore my lovely peach nightgown on weekends when there were few on the floor — and especially adored wearing it when my roommate was gone and had the room to myself.

This gown was also featured in a few self-portraits I took in college — but I’ve yet to find the photographs. When I find them I may just post them (with my face missing lol). If you want to see them, feel free to use the “Top Spots” tip jar (as seen on the side bar)… That should prompt me to dig through all the old photo albums (and shoe boxes). *wink*

Hey, this was kind of like a soap opera — complete with cliffhanger!

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